Getting Started

Thank you for considering an ARCpoint Labs franchise. We know that choosing the right business partner is a big decision that is not to be taken lightly. We appreciate your interest.

Next Steps with ARCpoint Labs Franchise Division

Contact us and one of our franchise development specialists will reach out to you. Your specialist will provide more information about ARCpoint Labs in general, as well as the medical testing industry. This process will be involved…please expect the exploration of our opportunity and the education we will provide of the medical testing industry to take several months.
nurse-scrubs-clipboard_smallDuring the weeks of your investigation of ARCpoint Labs, you can expect us to cover a wide variety of topics including:

• Getting a handle on the business model, your role and ARCpoint Labs value  proposition.

• Identifying your territory, the local competition and the demographics of your market.

• Grasping the financial side of ARCpoint Labs, start-up investment, margins, expenses, etc. including financing options that are available.

• Evaluating the assistance you will receive regarding training, ongoing support and sales/marketing.

• Arranging opportunities for you to speak with existing franchise owners.

• Reviewing the Franchise Agreement so you fully understand our obligation to support you as well as your responsibilities as a franchise owner.

• Attending Discovery Day – Should we successfully complete the steps above, the culmination of the process will be a trip to our home office in Greenville, SC. You will meet our senior management team and spend time with our support staff to further your understanding of your opportunity and answer any questions you may have. You will visit our affiliate lab, be able to watch testing take place and view the operation first hand.

Join the growing ranks of ARCpoint Labs Owners making a difference
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Qualification Requirements
  • A minimum net worth of $350K.
  • Liquidity of $50K (stocks, 401K, cash, etc.).
  • A personal credit score above 710.
  • No personal or business bankruptcies within the last 5 years.
  • Strong communicator and relates well to others.
  • Possesses a desire to build strong relationships with customers.
  • Has the potential to manage a small group (two to four) of employees.
  • Focuses on training and motivating to create operational efficiency.

Quick Info - (866) 805-3499

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