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Medical Screening: An excellent business opportunity

ARCpoint Labs is founded on the spirit of an entrepreneur – the desire to make a difference in the world. Owning an ARCpoint Labs business can bring many opportunities that can enable you to make a difference in the lives of family, friends, customers and even your own. When you own an ARCpoint Labs franchise, you’ll also find a compelling business opportunity in this profitable lab testing and medical screening industry.

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ARCpoint Labs became associated with the screening and testing industry in the mid-1990s. Still in our early years, we have established a superb reputation as an accurate, reliable and confidential screening organization. From the beginning, we’ve “hung our hat” on the areas of drug and alcohol screening and have now expanded into health/wellness testing. As part of the ARCpoint Labs team you will be among the leaders in providing screening in the multi-billion dollar lab testing industry.

ARCpoint Labs – A needed solution

ARCpoint Labs franchises meet a growing cultural need. With 15 years of experience in drug, alcohol and wellness testing, we came to realize the following situations would create a need for more ARCpoint Labs throughout the United States:
• The absence of a national brand dedicated to drug and alcohol testing.
• The growing need for a nationwide network of testing facilities that could meet the demands of all organizations looking to third-party drug testing vendors.
• The changing and increasing regulations of the Department of Transportation (D.O.T.); testing that required compliance experts to specialize in these areas.
• The necessity to offer both in-lab, mobile and on-site lab testing.
• The opportunity to obtain national account business. (Third Party Administrators)

If you feel that owning an ARCpoint Labs Franchise is the right fit for you: call (866) 805-3499

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